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The new M&G Attack Bass Stick is now in stock. The shaft is made from 100% pure maple and is similar in look and feel to that of a snare stick. This stick's head is slightly heavier than most others on the market, with the weight and feel contributing to its superior attack and warm tone. Available in white or black.

M&G Attack


The Hugh Cameron Practice Pad has three different feels from soft to hard. For information on the differences between each please click here.

Cameron's Drumming Studio

Cameron’s Drumming Studio has been in business since 1974.  We are dedicated to providing the pipe band drummer with a complete range of quality drumming products and services along with expert advice and great prices.

Our huge inventory of drums, cases, heads, sticks, educational materials and all the accessories makes us one of the largest pipe band drum dealers in the world.  Some of the products and services we offer are:


Most brands of drums including:


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Cameron's Drumming Studio

We are a business that is dedicated to providing pipe band drummer with a full range of high quality products at fair prices. 

We have a large inventory (usually over 300 drums in stock) and excellent service.  As well as providing parts, we provide professional instruction to individuals and groups. 

We are constantly developing drum modifications to improve the quality of sound and offer custom drum modifications for high performance requirements.

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Cameron's Drumming Studio started in 1974 when Hugh Cameron left a full-time job and began teaching pipe band drumming. 

While teaching, Hugh found it difficult to supply students with good quality sticks and pads which led to the development and manufacture of Cameron Drum Pads and Cameron Snare Sticks (Pro1, Slim Pro and Cadet), which are popular to this day. 

Drums and accessories were added to the product line until we were able to offer a full range of products for pipe band drummers that include most major and small manufacturers throughout the world.

Hugh Cameron

hugh picHugh Cameron has been a professional drumming instructor for over 30 years.  He has taught throughout North America and has developed a thorough teaching method for drummers of all ages and abilities. 

He has over 20 years experience in grade one pipe bands as well as having won most solo drumming titles in Ontario including 3 consecutive Champion Supreme Awards for professional solo drumming. 

Hugh has achieved an advanced certificate in pipe band drumming from the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association.  From 1974 to 1986, he was a student of the late Alex Duthart and later played under Alex Duthart's son Drew with the Toronto Police Pipe Band.  Hugh is a member of the Music Board for the Pipers and Pipe Band Society of Ontario.


Doug Stronach

doug picDoug is from Perth, Scotland and played with the innovative Vale Of Atholl Pipe Band under Leading Drummer and former World Solo Drumming Champion Paul Turner. The band won both the Scottish and British Best Drum Corps and Band titles as well as regular top six placings at the World Championships. In 1986 he won the World Junior Solo Snare Drum Championship.

At age 19 he moved to Canada to pursue a full-time career in music. He quickly became one of North America's most sought after players and teachers. His students and corps have won every major drumming prize in North America.

Doug is currently the leading drummer of the Toronto Police Pipe Band who are the 2006 North American Champions and PPBSO Grade 1 Championship Supreme Pipe Band.